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Level Measurement of Vegetable Oil

ULM level transmitters are used to measure levels of various vegetable oils. The vegetable-oil level is measured with level transmitters ULM-11A1 (explosion-proof version) and ULM-31A1 (general-purpose industrial version). Fiscal metering, if required, is based on ULM-11 level transmitters.

Application specifics

Vegetable oil shows high adhesion to surfaces in contact with the structure environment. Therefore, most of contact instruments (level transmitters) quite quickly break down due to contaminations or fail to ensure level measurement with a declared accuracy. In addition, any level transmitter used to resolve this task shall be designed so as to work with food products. This makes a ULM noncontact radar level transmitter the most optimal solution for level measurement of vegetable oil.

All ULM level transmitters have a protected antenna structure fully hidden inside the housing and installed outside the tank. The level transmitter can also be fully insulated from the internal tank space using a fluoropolymer pad (fluoropolymer is allowed for food production).