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About the Company

LIMACO was founded in 1992 by a team of high-ranked engineers having a wealth of experience in building high-frequency electronic systems in USSR.

In a short time, wide experience and high qualification of experts as well as the use of our proprietary designs allowed LIMACO to have joined the ranks of Russian leaders specializing in development and production of civilian instrumentation for various industries.

LIMACO have been the first in the world to develop and assimilate batch production of radar level transmitters operating at a frequency over 94GHz, which outperform all globally known radar level transmitters in many metrological and other characteristics.

High characteristics were achieved due to inventions and unique technologies created by our employees.

Level transmitters released by the company practically prove their high consumer performance. Hundreds of oil depots, enterprises of chemical, petrochemical, ore mining, metallurgical, and food industries, both in Russia and abroad, are equipped with LIMACO’s ULM level transmitters.

LIMACO instruments have all Certificates and Approvals required for operation in Russia.