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Coal Level Measurement

Coal has found the widest application in the metallurgical industry and in the energy sector. Coal is stored in vertical hoppers and has a lumpy structure with quite large sizes of particles. Accurate coal level measurement can optimize coal consumption optimization in the process and decrease direct coal losses.

Application specifics

Selection of a coal level transmitter must consider several factors related to product features:

  • Contact level transmitters are a low-reliability option for the task of coal level measurement as coal lumps are quite large-sized and will continuously hit the measurement element during loading, which will eventually result in a failure of the level transmitter.
  • As all other loose materials, coal forms cone irregularities on the surface during filling and cavities during discharge. Herewith, large sizes of coal lumps make these surfaces far from regular-structured. That is why the most reliable operation in coal level measurement is ensured by the most sensitive radar level transmitter, i.e. the level transmitter with the smallest measuring-beam divergence angle and with an internal processing pattern that is able to work in weak-reflection conditions.

ULM level transmitters are used to measure the coal level at power stations and iron and steel works of Russia and other countries. A distinctive feature of the product range of ULM level transmitters is availability of models with a very narrow measuring beam and signal processing based on the FMCW-radar principle. This allows you to use your ULM level transmitters as coal level transmitters in rather wide ranges of hopper heights.

When ULM-11 level transmitters (measuring beam width of 40) are installed on coal hoppers, you also can take into account the coal amount stored in the conical bottom of the hopper due to a very narrow beam of the ULM-11, which ensures more accurate accounting of the stored product amount.

The ULM-11A1 level transmitter is used to measure the coal level in raw-coal storage hoppers (RCSH) of various power stations and boiler houses. It has an optimal price/quality ratio. The ULM-11A1 is fully compatible with the ULM-11 by interfaces, connection diagrams, and coupling dimensions.