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Stone Level Measurement in the Crusher

ULM level transmitters are used for crushed-stone level measurement. An example of this application is stone level measurement in the crusher.

The ULM level transmitter is installed above the crusher receiving tank with no contact with the product (stone), to continuously measure the filling level. The level measurement stability is independent from the dust content as ULM level transmitters are radar level transmitters.

Stone level measurement in the crusher involves several tasks: continuous level measurement to control the process, monitor limit values, and prevent emergency overflow of the tank and idle running of the crusher. Resolving these tasks by contact methods is impossible: contact level transmitters break down very quickly. And operation of ultrasonic level transmitters is extremely unstable in dusty conditions.

Radar level transmitters ULM-31A1 are the most optimal option for stone level measurement in the crusher. The ULM-31A1 level transmitter is small-sized, light-weighted and therefore can be easily installed in the work area. The fast response time of the ULM-31A1 level transmitter ensures dynamic and accurate monitoring of the filling level. The low price makes radar technologies affordable even in this field, where radar level transmitters have not been used earlier as too expensive.