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LImaco OPC server

TThe main task of Limaco OPC Server is to receive and process data from level transmitters. The software product Limaco OPC is based on the open industry data-exchange standard OPC DataAccess, which is a simple and inexpensive way to integrate the level measuring system into SCADA.


Limaco OPC Server provides functions such as configuration of level transmitters, data collection from level transmitters, calculation of additional parameters (volume, mass, tank filling/discharge rate, etc.), data display by tanks, interaction with other software products that support the OPC DataAccess interface (SCADA systems), and data transmission between remote computers and additional devices via the local network.

Brief summary

Installation of Limaco OPC Server and further configuration of the level measuring system have a simple and intuitive interface, which prevents human errors and avoids additional training of the personnel.

The server polls level probes with a certain frequency via the MODBUS RTU protocol and processes data received from each of level transmitters according to OPC rules. The application displays all data received from the level probe and calculated data and therefore can be used as a simplest visualization program.

The data received from level probes are processed individually for each tank. The server makes configuration data, received data from the level probe, and server-calculated data available to client programs via the OPC interface. All the data can be read by client programs or displayed on the screen by the OPC server.