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UlmCfg Configuration Package

The UlmCfg software package is a powerful and, at the same time, simple and affordable tool for configuration and setting of level probes included in ULM series level transmitters. The software package makes a connection with the level probe via the RS-485 industrial interface to perform configuration and setting at a considerable distance from the instrument installation place—no need for field operation.


The UlmCfg software package enables you to configure basic adjustment settings for a specific tank and emergency current signals; to diagnose operation quality of the level probe in specific operating conditions and performance of individual functional units of the instrument; to update the internal software; and to access level-probe registers.

Brief summary

Simplicity of the UlmCfg software package interface prevents errors in level-probe configuration for a specific tank, which allows the attending staff to perform necessary settings for correct instrument operation by themselves.

Additional emergency signals at the current output let you obtain real-time information on instrument performance in specific operating conditions. You can choose to set emergency signals for a certain event by yourself.

A diagnostic unit in the software package gives you complete information on instrument performance, indications of internal test systems of the instrument, availability and indications of additional integrated equipment.

The software inside the probe continuously improves. A reflashing module enables you to update the level-probe software without dismantling from the tank.

The “Monitor” mode allows you to see a real-time spectral pattern of a product-reflected signal and parasitic reflections in the tank (lateral structures, bottom).