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Slurry Level Measurement

The slurry composition defines specifics in slurry level measurement (metallurgy, ore mining industry). Slurry is a mixture of solid particles and liquid. This is why contact methods of level measurement are hardly reliable here while ultrasonic level transmitters often fail to ensure the required level measurement accuracy due to high humidity.

The best fit for slurry level measurement is a noncontact radar level transmitter. The measurement accuracy and stability of this level transmitter type are independent from the composition of the atmosphere above the product. According to dimensions of the slurry tank and characteristics of the process, any model of ULM level transmitters can be used to measure levels. In most cases, the most optimal for this task is the noncontact radar level transmitter ULM-31A1. It has a rather narrow beam, high sensitivity and accuracy, and fast response time. The ULM-31A1 level transmitter is a general-purpose industrial version equipped with RS485 (Modbus RTU) and 4–20mA interfaces. Also it has built-in relays (2 contact groups) and an infrared port for a wireless configuring remote control.