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ULM-31A1 Level Transmitter

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A compact user-friendly radar level transmitter for noncontact level measurement of liquids and loose materials.

It is optimal for level measurement of loose materials and liquid products in the construction-material manufacturing, ore mining, pulp and paper, woodworking, power, and food industries, etc.

Built-in relay contact groups make it possible to use ULM-31A1 level transmitters for limit level alarm.

ULM-31A1 level transmitters are used to measure the level of open water bodies (rivers, lakes, seas).

A technology of remote level-transmitter configuration, setting, and diagnostics is supported.


The ULM-31A1 radar level transmitter is a unique device for reliable level measurement of liquids and loose materials. This level transmitter uses a flat microstrip (planar) antenna; therefore, beam focusing need no horn or parabolic antenna. The antenna features compact dimensions, light weight, and is located fully inside the level transmitter body.

The ULM-31A1 is perfect for level measurement of loose materials. The flat structure of the ULM-31A1 level transmitter's antenna and a radar-transparent insulator guarantees protection against abrasive dust action of the measured product while the high-performance measuring system ensures measurement stability and accuracy. The ULM-31A1 level transmitter is used to measure the level of cement, ore, slag, grain, compound feed, flour, coal, gypsum, lime, crushed stone, sand, etc. Due to the best price/quality ratio, the ULM-31A1 level transmitter can be used in many industries and installations that have been unavailable for radar level transmitters.

The ULM-31A1 is perfect for level measurement of aggressive products. The ULM-31A1 level transmitter can be fully insulated from the inner tank space with a radar-transparent insulating pad, for example, made of fluoropolymer. A compact structure makes installation of the level transmitter easier. The ULM-31A1 level transmitter is used to measure the level of sulphuric acid, alkalis, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid, solvents, aqua ammonia, various brines, etc.

The ULM-31A1 has small dimensions and is easy to install and to configure. The ULM-31A1 radar level transmitter is fitted with configuration/setup software to ensure a rather wide range of level-transmitter setting and diagnostics, which seriously expands the application range. Specialized start-up and commissioning are not required as the software package supports a function of remote setting, diagnostics, and configuration. Special training of the attending staff is not required: general PC skills are enough.

Built-in relays. The ULM-31A1 level transmitter has built-in electromechanical relays for critical-level alarm. There are two contact groups. The user can access trigger-level setting using the configuration/setup software.

Operating frequency of the level transmitter up to 94 GHz.

  • Flat, fully insulated antenna
  • High sensitivity, which ensures reliable operation when measuring the level of loose materials and liquids in disturbed-surface conditions
  • Narrow measuring beam at small dimensions
  • Built-in relay contact groups to release relay signals showing that specified levels are achieved
  • An infrared port to use a configuring remote control without direct connection to the probe
  • Periodic verification without level-transmitter dismantling from the tank

Maximum absolute level measurement error


Measuring beam width


Level-sensing range

0.6 ÷ 50m

Operating ambient temperature at the level-transmitter installation

-40 to +500С

Temperature of the monitored product

Not limited

Supply voltage

24V DC


General-purpose industrial version,

Digital interface

RS485, Modbus

Analogue output


Discrete outputs

2 relay contact groups

Technical Information

Operation Manual



Certificate of Registration in the State Register of Measuring Instruments