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Cement Level Measurement

Cement is a fine loose product. Cement particles are hundreds of micron in size, which causes the high dust content during cement-handling operations in silos. Contact or ultrasonic level transmitters in such conditions are inefficient and unreliable: the ultrasonic level transmitter “loses” the product level because of hindered sound-wave passage through dust in the air while contact level transmitters often fail due to abrasive action of cement on their measurement elements.

Application specifics of ULM level transmitters for cement level measurement

ULM level transmitters are successfully used for continuous cement level measurement. The ULM level transmitter is installed on the silo roof to measure the filling level in the continuous mode. Any level transmitter of ULM series can be used for cement level measurement. The most optimal option for this task, based on a price/quality ratio, is ULM-31A1.

An advantage of ULM level transmitters is that level measurement stability and accuracy are independent from the dust content in the space above cement, and the protected antenna (installed outside the tank) along with no movable parts guarantees maximum reliability in operation. Thus, ULM level transmitters are a highly reliable instrument for cement level measurement.

High sensitivity of ULM level transmitters assures stability of cement level measurement throughout the silo height. The level is measured continuously over the entire silo height. Top-level software of the ULM level measuring system visualizes the filling level data, converts level values to volume and mass, records warning and alarm levels achieved, keeps logs, etc.