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Non-Contact Radar Level Transmitter for liquids and bulk materials.

Operating frequency up to 140 GHz.

Measuring beam width 20.


The new ULMRADAR-4x family of non-contact radar level transmitters for reliable level measurement of liquids and bulk materials. The ULMRADAR-4x is suitable for level measurement in high-dust and high evaporation conditions. The level transmitters utilize a protected hermetic antenna system for guaranteed level measurement of corrosive products. The use of a PTFE insulating lens in the ULMRADAR-4x antennas allows food level measurement. The ULMRADAR-4x radar level transmitters are equipped with various data interfaces (4-20mA, RS485, Bluetooth), support various protocols (HART, Modbus), allow 2-wire and 4-wire connection, have an explosion-proof design with intrinsically safe circuits and a built-in indicator.

Non-contact radar level transmitters of the ULMRADAR-4x family are recommended for measuring the level of oil, fuel oil, dark oil products, gasoline, diesel fuel, alcohol, acids, alkalis, sludge, pulp, water, beer, ore, coal, coal dust, cement, clinker, polypropylene, crushed stone, carbon black (soot), dust, grain, soybean, compound feed, sugar, seeds, oil cake, oil meal and many other liquid and bulk products and materials.

Explosion-proof version:
1Ех de [iа Ga] IIBT6 Gb / Extb [iа Ga] IIICT80°С Db
1Ех deIIBT6 Gb / ExtbIIICT80°С Db

The entire ULMRADAR-4x family of non-contact radar level transmitters utilizes proven continuous measurement technology using frequency-modulated continuous wave (FMCW) for high precision systems. This time-tested technology provides stable and accurate level measurements regardless of reflected signal amplitude, thus achieving high measurement reliability in the most difficult conditions. The ULMRADAR-4x family of radar level transmitters includes a variety of models that provide reliable and accurate level measurement of both bulk materials and liquid products.

The ability to choose a level transmitter model with the required level measurement accuracy, ±1mm, ±2mm or ±3mm, allows the level transmitters of this family to be used both for process measurements in production and in commercial accounting systems.

  • Operating frequency over 120 GHz.
  • Level measurement accuracy of ±1mm, ±2mm, ±3mm (depending on model).
  • Measuring beam width of 20 and above.
  • Built-in indicator.
  • Possibility of 2-wire connection.
  • Possibility of setting and configuring with a smartphone via Bluetooth.
  • Operating temperature of -60 0C and above. The ability to work at an ambient temperature of -60 0С and above is achieved without the use of any additional heating enclosures or thermal covers.
Maximum absolute level measurement error ±1mm, ±2mm, ±3mm
Measuring beam width 20 and above
Level measurement range 0,6 ÷ 30m
Operating ambient temperature
at the level transmitter installation site
-60 to +500C
Controlled product temperature unlimited
Supply voltage 24VDC
Design Explosion-proof
Digital interfaces RS485, Modbus RTU, HART
Wireless interface Bluetooth
Connection method 2- or 4-wire
Analog output 4-20 mA