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ULM-11-HF (over 120GHz)

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The world's first high-accuracy level transmitter in the explosion-proof design with an extremely narrow beam, operating at a frequency of 120-140 GHz for commercial metering. 

ULM-11-HF radar level transmitter is an ultra-high-frequency high-accuracy configuration of the series of ULM-11 non-contact radar level transmitters. ULM-11-HF level transmitter uses a unique operating frequency range of 120-140 GHz. 

ULM-11-HF has a very narrow measuring beam of 40, which provides the transmitter with ultimate sensitivity, easy installation, exceptional reliability and measurement accuracy.

ULM-11-HF radar level transmitter is designed to measure the level of both liquid and bulk products of both neutral and corrosive types. It is aimed at application in commercial metering systems, as well as other systems that require high-accuracy measurements.

Explosion-proofdesign: 1Ех d IIBT6 Gb / Ex tb IIIB T6 Db

ULM-11-HF level transmitters use the continuous measurement technology with the help of the frequency-modulated continuous wave (FMCW). It allows to reliably measuring the level of a wide range of products in different operating modes. This technology provides stable and accurate level measurements regardless of the echo amplitude, thus achieving high reliability of measurements in the most difficult conditions. ULM-11-HF radar (radio wave) level transmitter measures the level of both bulk and liquid products equally well. ULM-11-HF provides reliable operation in high-speed process conditions, i.e. loading, shipment, mixing, etc.

ULM-11-HF level transmitter is used to measure the level of earth oil, fuel oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, oil, acids, alkali, pulp, water, vegetable oil, beer, coal, coal dust, cement, clinker, ore, grain, etc. ULM-11-HF level transmitter is intended for use in commercial metering systems.

  • Operating frequency of 120-140 GHz. ULM-11-HF is the world's first level transmitter, using the operating frequency of up to 140 GHz. This allows to achieve unique sensitivity and an excellent price-accuracy ratio;
  • Level measurement accuracy of ±1mm. The highest accuracy of non-contact levelmeasurement.
  • Measuring beam width of 40. The measuring beam width is just 40 at very small antenna dimensions; 
  • Operating temperaturebelow -60 0С. Operability at an ambient temperature below -60 0С is achieved without any extra heating housings or thermal covers.

Maximum absolute level measurement error  
Measuring beam width 40
Level measuring range 0,6 ÷ 30m

Operating ambient temperature 
at the level transmitter mounting location

-60 to +500С
Monitored product temperature unlimited
Supply voltage 24V DC
Design Explosion-proof, 1Ех d IIBT6 Gb / Ex tb IIIB T6 Db
Digital interfaces RS485, Modbus RTU, HART
Analog output 4-20 mA


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