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ULM-31А1-HF-LC (over 120GHz)

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ULM-31A1-HF-LC is a radar level transmitter in thegeneral purpose industrialdesign, operating at a frequency of 120-140 GHz at a price of an ultrasonic level transmitter.


ULM-31A1-HF-LC radar level transmitter is an ultra-high-frequency configuration of the series of ULM-31A1 non-contact radar level transmitters optimized for measurements of the level of liquids with accuracy that satisfies most process tasks.

ULM-31A1-HF-LC is an inexpensive reliable tool for measurements of the level of liquids: water, municipal and industrial sewage drain, acids, alkalis, etc. It perfectly suits solving tasks of measuring the level of liquids wherever the guaranteed stability of readings is important, but the price of the level transmitter is critical.

ULM-31А1-HF-LC is designed to measure the level of liquids.

Like senior models, ULM-31A1-HF-LC level transmitter has a protected antenna system and can be completely isolated from the internal volume of the tank by an extra radio-transparent insulating spacer made, for example, of PTFE. The level transmitter has a uniform housing design, typical of the ULM-31 series. The compact design of the level transmitter facilitates its mounting. ULM-31A1-HF-LC level transmitter is used for measurements of levels of water, sewage drain, sulfuric acid, alkalis, hydrochloric acid, fluohydric acid, nitric acid, solvents, ammonia water, various brines, etc. It is not recommended for use in foaming conditions.

ULM-31A1-HF-LC boasts small dimensions, ease of installation and configuration. ULM-31A1-HF-LC level transmitter is configured and tunedeither via the Bluetooth wireless interface, or a 4-20 mA wire line of the HART protocol.

  • low price;
  • flat fully insulated antenna;
  • narrow measuring beam at small dimensions;
  • Bluetooth wireless interface allows to configure the level transmitter with the help of a smartphone or a tablet without directly connecting to the level transmitter;
  • routine check-outs without dismantling the level transmitter from the tank.
Maximum absolute level measurement error
Measuring beam width 50
Level measuring range 0,6 ÷ 15m
Operating ambient temperature
at the level transmitter mounting location 
-40 to +500С
Monitored product temperature unlimited
Supply voltage 24V DC
Design general purpose industrial, IP66/67
Digital interfaces HART
Analog output  4-20 мА
Connection type 4-wire, 2-wire (power via interface line)