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Radar Level Transmitters

ULM level transmitters are noncontact radar level transmitters intended to measure the tank filling levels of liquid and loose products. There are various designs and modifications of ULM level transmitters, which ensure optimal and as reliable as possible level sensing in different environments.

  ULM-11 ULM-11A1 ULM-31A1
Characteristics ULM-11 ULM-11A1 ULM-31A1
Sensing principle Radar, continuous Radar, continuous Radar, continuous
Level measurement accuracy ±1mm ±3mm ±3mm
Additional temperature error None None None
Level measurement range 0.6–30m 0.6–30m 0.6–50m
Measuring beam width 15°
Ambient temperature От -60 до +50 °С От -60 до +50 °С От -40 до +50 °С
Temperature of the measured medium Not limited – the temperature does not affect the measurement error
Contact with the product Not required Not required Not required
Contact with the internal vessel space Not required – the sensor can be fully insulated from the internal tank space with a radar-transparent pad
Dust effect on measurements No effect No effect No effect
Vapour effect on measurements No effect No effect No effect
Design Explosion-proof,
Non-explosion-proof, IP65
Supply voltage 24VDC
Output analogue interface 4–20mA 4–20mA 4–20mA
Output digital interface RS485, Modbus RTU RS485, Modbus RTU RS485, Modbus RTU
Warranty period 3 years 3 years 3 years
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Software. The top-level software is intended to display information on levels measured with ULM level transmitters as well as for setting, diagnostics, and verification of level transmitters.

Inclinometers (inclination angle sensors). Two-axis inclinometers ensure biplane measurement of inclination angles. They are equipped with analogue and digital interfaces and discrete outputs.