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ULM-11 Level Transmitter

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High-precision noncontact radar level transmitter operating at a frequency of 94GHz. The highest sensitivity, very narrow measuring beam, and millimetre accuracy of level measurement. Intended for level measurement of both liquid products and loose materials, either neutral or aggressive. Aiming at application in fiscal metering systems.

Explosion-proof design – 1ExdIIBT6


The continuous measuring technology (FMCW) used in ULM-11 level transmitters reliably measures the level of a large product range in different operation modes. This technology ensures stable and accurate level measurements regardless of the reflected signal amplitude.

Original technologies defined versatility of the ULM-11 level transmitter. The ULM-11 level transmitter is equally good in level measurement of both loose materials and liquids. The ULM-11 ensures reliable operation in conditions of high-speed processes, such as loading, discharge, mixing, etc.

The ULM-11 level transmitter is used to measure the level of petroleum, mazut, petrol, diesel fuel, oil, acids, alkalis, slurry, water, vegetable oil, beer, coal, coal dust, cement, clinker, ore, grain, etc.

  • Operating frequency – 94GHz. The ULM-11 is the first level transmitter in the world to use an operating frequency of 94GHz. This allows a unique sensitivity to be achieved – 05mm.
  • Measuring beam width – 40. The measuring beam width at the antenna diameter of 90mm is 40.
  • Possible extreme narrowing of the measuring beam – down to 1.30. An expanding adapter can decrease the measuring beam width down to 30.
  • Operating temperature from -600С. Operation at an ambient temperature from -600C is possible without any additional heating cases or covers.

Maximum absolute level measurement error


Measuring beam width


Level-measurement range

0.6 ÷ 30m

Operating ambient temperature at the level-transmitter installation place

-60 to +500С

Temperature of the monitored product

Not limited

Supply voltage

Either 24V DC or 220V 50Hz


Explosion-proof, 1ExdIIBT6

Digital interface

RS485, Modbus

Analogue output


The ULM-11 level transmitter is included in the State Register of Measuring Instruments under registration number 16861-08.

Technical Information

Operation Manual. ULM-11 and ULM-11A1 Level Transmitters

Technical Description of the ULM4.01.000 Level Sensor



Certificate of Registration in the State Register of Measuring Instruments

Certificate of Conformity