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ULM-31А1-HF (over 120GHz)

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The world's first radar level transmitter in the general purpose industrial design for process measurements with a very narrow beam, operating at a frequency of 120-140 GHz for process measurements.

ULM-31A1-HF radar level transmitter has an ultra-high-frequency configuration of the series of ULM-31A1 non-contact radar level transmitters.

ULM-31A1-HF is an optimal choice for measurements of the level of bulk and liquid products in different production environments to implement processmetering of components used in the production of final products. It is used in the industry for the production of building materials, the ore mining industry, the pulp and paper industry, the woodworking industry, the energy sector, the food industry, the agribusiness, etc.

It boasts a very narrow beam from 20 to 40, depending on the configuration.

Built-in relay contact groups allowto use ULM-31A1-HF level transmitter for signaling limit levels as well.

The technology of remote configuration, adjustment and diagnostics of level transmitters is supported.

ULM-31A1-HF radar level transmitter is the world's only level transmitter that combines unique performance and an affordable price. ULM-31A1-HF is a non-contact radar transmitter, operating at a frequency of 120 to 140 GHz.

ULM-31A1-HF is ideal for measuring the level of bulk products. The configuration of the level transmitter with a measuring beam of 20 wide guarantees the maximum sensitivity of the measuring system. ULM-31A1-HF uses an insulated antenna (the antenna is protected by a fluoroplasticlens). This technical solution renders the transmitter to be dust-insensitive. ULM-31A1-HF level transmitter is used for measurements of the level of cement, ore, scum, grain, animal feed, flour, coal, coal dust, perlite, polypropylene, cellulose, gypsum, lime, crushed stone, sand, etc.

ULM-31A1-HF is ideal for measuring the level of corrosive or superheated liquid and bulk products.ULM-31A1-HF level transmitter has a protected antenna system. In addition, ULM-31A1-HF level transmitter can be completely isolated from the internal volume of the tank by aradio transparent spacer made, for example, of PTFE. A compact design facilitates the transmitter mounting. ULM-31A1-HF level transmitter is used for measurements of the level of bitumen, sulfuric acid, alkalis, hydrochloric acid, fluohydric acid, nitric acid, solvents, ammonia water, various brines, vegetable oil, beer, etc. ULM-31A1-HF provides reliable measurements of the level of cement, clinker, crushed stone, polypropylene, carbon black (soot), ore, coal, grain, flour, animal feed, etc.

ULM-31A1-HF is compact, easy to install and configure. ULM-31A1-HF radar level transmitter supports standard industrial interfaces and protocols (Modbus, HART). ULM-31A1-HF radar level transmitter is equipped with configuration and adjustment software that provides a very wide range of tuning and diagnostics of the level transmitter: the software package supports remote adjustment, diagnostics and configuration. There is no need for specialized commissioning and start up. There is no need for special training of maintenance personnel because general PC user skills will suffice. Configuration with the help of a smartphone or a tablet via the Bluetooth wireless interface is supported as a standard.

Built-in relays. ULM-31A1-HF level transmitter has built-in electro-mechanical relays for signaling critical levels. There are two contact groups. The user can set trigger levels with the help of configuration and adjustment software.

  • flat fully insulated antenna;
  • high sensitivity, providing reliable operation when measuring the level of bulk and liquid products in conditions of surface roughness;
  • narrow measuring beam with small dimensions;
  • availability of built-in relay contact groups to signal specified levels;
  • Bluetoothwireless interface allows to configure the level transmitter with the help of a smartphone or a tablet without directly connecting to the transmitter;
  • routine check-outs without dismantling the level transmitter from the tank.
Maximum absolute level measurement error    ±3mm
Measuring beam width 20, 40
Level measuring range 0,6 ÷ 30m
Operating ambient temperature 
at the level transmitter mounting location
-40 to +500С
Monitored product temperature unlimited
Supply voltage 24V DC
Design general purpose industrial, IP66/67
Digital interfaces RS485 (Modbus), HART
Analog output  4-20 мА
Discrete outputs 2 relay contact groups