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ResViewer Visualization Shell

The shell is intended to visualize information on tank filling levels on the tank farm. It visualizes information on tank filling levels, volumes of the stored product, product movements, emergencies, etc.

ResViewer receives information on the product quantity and condition in a tank from a server application LIMACO OPC. Data from the server application can be transmitted via a local network.


Software allows you to perform individual and group level monitoring all over the tank farm, to group tanks, and to control several tank farms.

Individual tracking of product movements over the selected tank. It visualizes information on the tank filling level, the stored product volume, handling operations, and emergencies.

For better perception by an operator, you can optimally select combination of background colours and tank contents, quantity of tanks to be displayed vertically and horizontally, and distribute tanks over several separate farms.

Configuration of the visualization shell for each tank provides the following actions: add/remove tanks on farms; allocate existing tanks among farms; enter the tank number and the name of the tank-filling product; bind the tank to its server name; bind tanks to reference-level values; enter the density level of the tank product; and display (in fields of basic numeric data) information on the rate of level change and the weight of the tank product.

Data on the product level and volume in tanks are saved to a PC hard drive. A user-friendly search system allows you to promptly retrieve tank data as of date and time of interest. Handling and emergency record-keeping is ensured. You may connect third-party level transmitters with a standard software OPC-interface.

To ensure tamper protection of the application, in terms of modifying its configuration and viewing the log, you can set an access password.