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Food Level Measurement

Any radar ULM level transmitters can be used to measure the level of food products. Process requirements determine selection of a specific level transmitter model and configuration. The level probe of the level transmitter is installed on the roof of the tank (one probe per tank) containing the monitored product to measure the tank filling level.

Application specifics

Any transmitter used in the food industry and with a measurement part in contact with food products shall comply with determined specific requirements. The most important thereof is that the structure of the measurement element shall be made of materials that, when in contact with the product, cannot violate sanitary and epidemiological requirements.

This issue is resolved in ULM level transmitters in the following manner. The level probe is installed outside the tank (on its roof), and the hole to take measurement is closed with a fluoropolymer pad (membrane). Thus, no element is allowed inside the tank with a monitored product (beer, alcohol, milk, drinking water, etc.) while the fluoropolymer pad has an even, smooth shape. This ensures that there is absolutely no contact of any parts of the level transmitter with the product and, consequently, absolutely no hazard of product residue accumulation at the probe installation place and of microbiological-background deterioration in the tank.