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Level Measurement of Technical Oil

ULM level transmitters are used to measure the levels of turbine oil, transformer oil, engine oil, hydraulic oil, etc. Technical oils are stored in tanks of various sizes and used in processes with various characteristics.

Application specifics

Technical characteristics of ULM level transmitters assure oil level measurement in various tanks. The measuring principle and the design of ULM level transmitters ensure the guaranteed accuracy and stability of oil level measurement. Therefore, selection of the most optimal solution for oil level measurement depends, first of all, on tank dimensions and characteristics of the process where they are used (rate of level change, required accuracy of level measurement, etc.).

Existing models of ULM level transmitters measure the level of oil stored in both low (from 0.5m) and high and narrow (height of 15–20m, diameter of 2–3m) tanks. The proven configuration system allows the user to finely tune the level transmitter for a specific process at any time. 

Depending on the Customer's specific requirements, you can select a ULM level transmitter model with the most optimal price/performance ratio.