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MULTI BEAM RADAR SURFACE PLOTTER software is developed to visualize data on a bulk product stored in a tank and compute the volume of the product. Using the data from ULM-3D-5 level transmitters and the parameters of the tanks loaded by the user, MULTI BEAM RADAR SURFACE PLOTTER computes the volume of the bulk product under monitoring, calculates and plots a 3D-model of the product surface and visualizes the results. MultiBeam receives the data required for the computations from the ULM level transmitters and transmits the settings back to the level transmitters via the Limaco OPC server. Use of MULTI BEAM RADAR SURFACE PLOTTER in combination with ULM-3D-5 radar level transmitters makes it possible to monitor exhaustively the current process and maintain records of bulk products stored in reservoirs.

With MULTI BEAM RADAR SURFACE PLOTTER, the information received simultaneously from a few ULM radar level transmitters can be pooled. This favors a substantial increase in volume measurement accuracy and in granularity of 3D representation. A single tank (silo) can be equipped with a number of ULM level transmitters, either ULM-3D-5 multi-beam radar level transmitters 

or traditional ULM series single-beam radar level transmitters. MULTI BEAM RADAR SURFACE PLOTTER software makes it possible to use all ULM series radar level transmitters for performing 3D measurements. Therefore, efficient operation of ULM-3D-5 level transmitters can be complemented with data from ULM single-beam radar level transmitters installed in the same tank. This yields utmost in measurement reliability.

Acquisition and processing of data from a few measurement instruments provide a comprehensive picture of condition and volume of the bulk product under monitoring.