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Petroleum Level Measurement

The petroleum level is measured with explosion-proof level probes of ULM-11 and ULM-11A1 radar level transmitters. Level probes shall be installed on roofs of tanks (one probe per tank) containing a monitored product to measure the tank filling level.

The data obtained either via a digital RS485 interface or using a 4–20mA analogue output are transmitted to an operator's workstation (PC, PLC, operator panel, etc.) to be systematized and visualized using top-level software. Besides, each level probe of ULM-11 and ULM-11A1 radar level transmitters also has a 4–20mA proportional current interface, which can be used to provide local indication.

The level measuring system on the tank farm can consist of several different radar level transmitters of ULM series joined in a unified system. The ULM-11 and ULM-11A1 radar level transmitters have a fully compatible command system and a unified structural design, which creates a technical solution as efficient in terms of a price/quality ratio as possible, based on ULM level transmitters.

Final selection of the level transmitter's model, complete set, and configuration shall be based on a filled questionnaire.