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3D measurement of level and volume of bulk material


Multi-beam radar level transmitter ULM-3D-5 for measurement of VOLUME of bulk material.

Use of classic single beam radar level transmitter to calculate the volume of bulk material in a container often does not provide the necessary precision. In this case, since the surface of the product under control (bulk material) has an uneven profile with significant variation in height (hills, depressions, cones from loading, craters from unloading etc.), a significant margin of error is introduced when calculating the volume.

Our new radar level transmitter ULM-3D-5 is designed to minimize this margin of error by measuring the level of bulk material in multiple points at once. Radar level transmitter ULM-3D-5  is a revolutionary multi-beam radar system providing more reliable and stable measurement of level and volume of bulk material with far higher precision than a single beam radar level transmitter. Thanks to the ultra-high frequency radar technology (120-140 GHz) measurements are extremely stable and precise – beam pattern width of each measuring beam is 20. Using the collected data MULTI BEAM RADAR SURFACE PLOTTER constructs a 3D surface of the measured product and calculates the volume.

We first demonstrated this system at the international expo MICONEX-2017 in Shanghai (China). Since then our official dealers in China (BEIJING JINDE CHUANGYE CONTROL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD) and India (EIP Enviro Level Controls Pvt Ltd) have sold hundreds of ULM-3D-5 that are now in use by our Clients. Positive experience of using ULM-3D-5 level transmitters at various enterprises has proven the real efficacy of the multi-beam system as well as the economic and technological effect achieved by our Clients after installing level and volume measurement system ULM-3D-5 at their facilities. Having gained real practical experience and collected feedback from our Clients using the level transmitters, we’re starting official sales of ULM-3D-5.

ULM-3D-5 is best suited for enterprises dealing with processing or storage of various bulk materials (cement, ore, mineral fertilizers, coal, gravel, rocks, various powders) and products (grain, soy, corn, flour, oilcakes, combined feeds and so on).

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